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If you are reading this, chances are, you are a very busy person. You are too busy at work or you have your own business. You might have a lot of projects, business trips and business meetings. I could go on and on, giving endless examples but… Stop!

            “Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein.” ― H. Jackson Brown Jr.

That’s right. What’s the secret? How to manage time and start learning Russian effectively? Here are 5 useful tips.


1. Set Clear Goals

It is very important to understand why you want to learn Russian. Your goals should be SMART.
This means Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound.

You need to decide how much time and money you are ready to spend. The Golden rule is the regularity of classes. Create calendar notes and telephone reminders. This will make you more organized and consistent in your studies

Remember that learning a language is not a short trip, but a long interesting journey. Invest resources wisely. And you will succeed!


2. Make Business Russian Part of Your Daily Life

How to speak Russian like a pro? Make a good study plan!

            Wake up early.  The early bird gets the worm. You can get up only 15 minutes earlier and study Russian. This is great morning exercise for the brain.

Use the commute. Do you take the subway to get to work? Read news, articles and blogs about business. The car? Listen to podcasts. Here you can always find time for Russian.

            А little break? Study! You are bored, and you decide to browse the Facebook or Twitter news feed. Manage your time effectively! It is better to read the news in Russian on social media or repeat Russian phrases and expressions. The more often you do this, the more you get used to this routine and improve Russian.

Russian in real life. All phrases and expressions that you have learned should be used in real life. You can write your to-do list in Russian. If you participate in a conference or meeting, try to use new idioms or grammar. Use new words when you write a letter to a client or partner.

3. Watch, read, listen.

Time management is essential! You need to spend a specific amount of time every day or week for self-study.

Watch business-themed movies, TV series or programs in Russian. Pause and re-watch when you do not understand a word or conversation.  It is useful to turn on the Russian subtitles. You can also watch foreign movies and TV series in Russian translation.


Movies: Generation П (2011), Духless (2011), Движение вверх (2017)

TV series: Как я стал русским (2015)

Programs: Заметки предпринимателя ,

Бизнес-секреты с Олегом Тиньковым  и

Вечерний Ургант  для развлечения и отдыха



Read Russian blogs and follow interesting business people. It is also useful to read news and articles in newspapers and magazines in Russian. No matter how busy you are, you know you have to keep track of the events that take place in your field  Therefore, set aside some time to read the news in Russian.


Newspapers and magazines: Деловой мир , , Harvard Business Review Россия , BBC News: Русская служба. Бизнес , Деловой Петербург , Жажда , Forbes Россия , Сноб. Деньги и бизнес , Euronews Pocсия. Бизнес , , РИА Новости , Новости ООН с аудиотекой , Meduza – Новости.


Blogs:  Business Russian IC , The Village. Бизнес , Издательство “МИФ”. Бизнес , Корпоративный менеджмент , Стиль документа .


Listen to podcasts and news. You can download podcasts in Russian to your MP3 player or a cell phone and listen to them, for example, on your way to work or at lunch in the office.  Even if you do not have time to do it carefully, just turn on the news or podcast in the background and do your house chores. Over time, you will begin to remember repeated words and phrases.


Podcasts: Business Russian IC , Школа жизни , Business Russian Podcasts , Коммерсантъ FM. Бизнес-кейс , Продуктивный Роман , NextMedia Podcast , Берись и делай , Деловая библиотека .


Radio: Радио России , Радио Маяк , “Как заработать миллион?” от Радио Маяк , Вести FM Business FM .


TIP: Write new phrases and expressions in your notebook or take notes on your phone. Do not  memorize words without context. If possible, make sentences with new vocabulary. I also recommend a good app to create flashcards – Quizlet: Learning tools & flashcards. You can repeat the material through play at any time and in any place.


4. Choose the Business Russian Course

            We know what you think now. You are very busy, right? What courses?! When would I find time for that? Do not make up your mind so soon. To regularly study Russian with a teacher you need to find 2-4 free hours a week. It all depends on your schedule.

Individual lessons with a teacher make you more disciplined. It is also worth noting that the teacher will save your time on searching for learning materials in Russian. He or she will give the opportunity to quickly improve the Russian language within a certain time limit. A big plus of your teacher is if he or she is a native Russian speaker.


enroll banner russian communication


business in Russian_

Another convenient option is online courses. We have prepared for you an Intensive 8-week on-line “Business Russian Communication” course.

If you have not found the Business Russian language courses, please write us an email –

We would be happy to help you!



5. Follow the tips, combine and practice.

Regular repetition and practice is a guarantee of your progress. Do not follow only one tip from our article. Choose a few tips and adapt to your schedule. Hard work always pays off!


Remember that you can master the Russian language, if you really want it. As I have  mentioned above, learning a language is not a short trip, but a long journey. It is in your power to make it interesting and useful!


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