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10 Tips on how to watch videos in Russian efficiently

10 Tips on how to watch videos in Russian efficiently


It is not a secret that watching videos lead to a language level improvement. However, when you decide to watch something in original, the questions always arise like:

 “Should I watch it with subtitles or not?!”

or “Should I translate each unknown word?!”.


All the hesitation may trigger the feeling of uselessness so that we may watch nothing at all.
However, no need to say that watching video is not only a pleasant activity but it can advance your language level as well.

First and foremost, just watch the video and enjoy it J You may think that you understand 15% and it is just waste of time but your brain is working all the time you are watching developing language patterns and analyzing a language structure.

Another strategy is to decide what aims you would like to reach and focus on them. Here are some tips depending on your goals:


Master listening skills

  • Watch videos without subtitles and focus on understanding each word. Don’t be afraid to stop the video and repeat one fragment several times. That’s not a mistake, that’s a key point.
  • If you face some difficulties in understanding, open subtitles, read them and then return to the video.
  • If there is some misunderstanding, listen to the video and watch subtitles at the same time, following the audio line by line. Highlight the phrases that cause much struggle and try to analyze what trigger misunderstanding: maybe, you simply don’t know these words or the speaker has mispronounced some sounds.


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Master vocabulary

  •  Watch video with subtitles. Focus on understanding the meaning of all words. The essential point here is to guess the meaning with visual tracking. Then choose 7-10 key collocations that you don’t know (don’t take more because you will not be able to remember more than 7-9 words due to the way working memory works).
  • Watch the video again, try to recall all the phrases and focus on the context they are used in.
  • To consolidate new vocabulary, make sentences summarizing the main idea of the video.
  • Return to this video and your summary in 24 hours to recap the meaning of new collocations.


Master fluency:

Russian audio


    • After watching the video make a short summary (7-10 sentences) in written or oral form and express your opinion on the topic.
    • Then, stop a video each 5-10 seconds and try to repeat phrases in Russian. Another technique is to again stop a video but translate phrases into your native language. Both approaches are a good practice on developing your memory and reinforcing skills in building phrases in a foreign language.


  • If you are watching a video-dialogue, stop after each speaker and try to reply in your own words.



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