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4 Tips on learning Russian with audio

4 Tips on learning Russian with audio


Whenever you start learning a foreign language, the process will require mastering the pronunciation and listening skills at some point. For learning Russian audio recordings will help a lot to accomplish this task. Here are 4 tips on how Russian audio lessons can make you a more proficient and confident speaker.


Train audial comprehension

Even when you are great at reading and understanding Russian texts, you may still be puzzled by the spoken Russian. It is a common thing about learning almost any language. The rhythm, the pace, the real life phonetics peculiarities can be challenging. Russian audio lessons will let you feel the language as it is.

After every new track you will gradually get used to the way the native speakers talk, and at some point you’ll arrive at comprehending the real life conversations, radio broadcasting, movies and so on. Listen to the native speakers’ speech for at least 15-20 minutes every day and your progress will be obvious in a month.

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Master pronunciation

Simply repeating the words and expressions after the recording leads to a better pronunciation. Repeating the phrases after the native speaker will not only let you master the articulation and the accent but will also help you learn new language constructions.
Anyway, regular and focused practicing will sooner or later get you to the flawless pronunciation of Moscow newscasters.


View the script

Russian audio

Whenever you use Russian audio recordings the positive effect will be doubled if you have the script in front of you. Combining visual and audial memory you make the words and expressions engrave into your brain. As soon as you feel you understand every sentence of the script, try listening to the recording without peeking into the text guide.


 Dive into the spoken language

The best way to learn a language is to live in the speaking environment, where everybody uses it. But what if it’s not the case for you? Surround yourself with the spoken language everywhere. Do as many of your informational routines in Russian as you can. As examples:

  • Listen to your everyday portion of news in Russian, watch Russian television;
  • Become a fan of some Russian musical groups and try to figure out what they sing about;
  • Watch the movies and TV-shows with Russian dubbing. Add Russian subtitles at first for better comprehending
  • Listen to Russian audio lessons in the car
  • Always have Russian audio recordings (music, podcasts, audio lessons) on your smartphone or iPod so that you can fill any spare minute with learning the language

Learning Russian by audio lets you get into the live speaking situations, sense the language pace and sound. You can find recorded lessons on our website. They will be helpful in mastering the pronunciation, learning new vocabulary and making it active for everyday use.


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