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On-line Russian language school “Pa-russki” provides a variety of courses to learn, improve and practice Russian language with qualified native teachers. Our mission is to make every student feel confidence in speaking Russian in a reasonable time frame.


Lessons are held via Skype and available in both individual and small group formats. Among our courses you will definitely find the one that suits your personal needs best, either you are a true beginner, intermediate or advanced Russian learner: Basic Russian, General Russian, Exam preparation Russian, Russian for business, Conversational Russian, Grammar correction course, Media Russian, Cinema Russian and many others.


We believe that teacher’s enthusiasm plays a decisive role in the language acquisition, therefore learning Russian with us is a thrilling experience and impressive results. We use different kinds of educational materials, resources as well as the ones developed by our own. On our website  you will find plenty of free content to read, listen, watch, test and improve your Russian.  Stay updated with our FB page an Twitter.


We would like to invite you to immerse in real life Russian on-line!

Lingua Sphere



More than 12 years of experience in the corporate segment of teaching foreign languages. We always develop a course individually according to the needs and wishes of the customer company. For staff of all levels. Our courses are based on effective methods of learning foreign languages and (!) knowledge of the work of a human being.


Language tailored-courses for adults, kids and  companies.


“Russificate” is an international online school of Russian language founded in 2012 by Yulia Amlinskaya, an experienced educator in the field of Russian as a foreign language.  We offer a wide range of courses including a general course, conversational course, business Russian, Russian for tour operators, Russian in the media and Russian for children, among others.  Lessons take place through Skype or other video conferencing software and are available in both individual and small group formats.  The first lesson is offered as a free trial lesson.  Prices are available on our site.


Our teachers are all qualified professionals who are currently employed by language schools and universities and have a great deal of experience working with students of various levels and nationalities. They are all proficient in several languages besides their native tongue. You may also view their resumes on our site.


We use only current educational materials published in Russia.  In addition, we are constantly creating our own materials to accompany Russian language lessons such as tests, apps for your phone or device, and e-books, all absolutely free for students.  Besides the school’s official site, you can visit us at our blog on Russian language and on Facebook.


Igrayuchi literally means ‘playfully’, ‘easily’, with joy in Russian. It can also be understood as a play of words which means ‘play and learn’. And this is how they approach Russian language learning process.


It is a Russian language school based in Moscow, Russia. Here you can learn Russian language with special focus on Russian Politics, Russian Law, and Russian Business. Oleg Ilyasov, the founder of Igrayuchi, is a Russian legal professional and linguist with 20-year first-hand experience in the mentioned fields.


The school also welcomes students for extracurricular activities, e.g. Russian culture masterclasses, summer and winter language practice schools, quests and other interesting events.


Igrayuchi is also an online bookshop which promotes the best and newest coursebooks and materials to learn Russian.