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Lyudmila Kotane

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Welcome! I am Lyudmila Kotane.

I am an author of a books on Business Russian. I am also a teacher and founder of the school Business Russian IC (Intensive Courses).

I am offering you and your colleagues effective teaching methods that have shown to yield positive study outcomes both in Latvia and abroad. The book “Russian for Business” (A2, B1, B2) are deployed in Spain, Canada, the USA, Austria, Russia, Sweden, Finland, Lithuania, Belgium, France and other countries.

We taught Russian to employees of such companies as:

“КPMG Baltics”, “CV-Online Latvia”, Fonds “”, “Latvijas balzams”, “Lattelecom”, SIA “Workig Day”, A/S „Swedbank”, “Cemex”, “Statoil” etc.

Our programs

All courses are based on the development of all language skills-speaking, reading, writing and listening.
Following a specific client’s recommendations, the study process can focus on set priorities, for example, speaking or reading.

Select the course that is most suitable for you:


General Business Russian

The most frequently requested course! ( A1-C2)


General Russian

This is a general course on the Russian
language (А1-С2)


Business Russian for Banks (А2-В2)


Business Russian for

Sales Managers (A1-B2)


Business Russian for

Sales Persons (A1-B2)


Business Russian for Hotels

Restaurants and Cafes (A1-B2)

Should a course you require not be on the list, we could develop it for you integrating the requirements of your field into the program.

We have substantial experience developing such programs! : )

Our classes are student-centered and are delivered consistently with a communicative approach. In other words, students offer their own situations for creating dialogues or for developing correspondence skills. Dialogues are used as the foundation for developing knowledge of relevant aspects of grammar and lexical structures. Practice has proved this to be the MOST EFFECTIVE method of learning a foreign language.

Usually the students’ progress is assessed using tests, written work and a role play. The role play includes lexical, grammar and work-based situational tasks. Subject to time constraints, students answer questions and receive points for correct answers. It is interesting and useful to assess students’ knowledge in such assessment environment.

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Learning Materials

What our students say about us

How do we work?

We meet you and discuss your requirements, wishes and time-table of classes.
We are flexible in our approach to prices, duration and frequency of classes.

We develop the content of the course strictly following the requirements and recommendations expressed by the group. In other words, our course is tailored for the needs of the group. Despite the need to tailor the course, which typically results in higher prices, we do not charge you more – our prices remain standard.

Step 1 Testing of students
(within the framework of one class at the price
of one class) beginning of classes.
Step 2 Course, studies
There are 30 or 20 lessons usually
Step 3 Assessment work
(at least 2 per course, including the end-of-the-
course assessment work) final summary of the
course, the analysis of final results.

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Testing of your knowledge of the Russian language checks your knowledge in four language areas – speaking, reading, writing and listening. Alternatively, testing might focus only on language fields, prioritized by your company.

Testing might proceed in the mode most suitable for you – online or in the classroom environment.

Typically students initially complete a test that determines their level of Russian language command (А1-В2+). Then, each student engages in discussion that lasts for about 10-15 minutes. The discussion is aimed at assessing students’ speaking and reading skills. If required, students are also tested in their writing skills.


We are highly experienced Russian language teachers, who have taught Russian for 5 or more years! Our cumulative teaching experience “Business Russian IC” spans over the periodof 45 years! Is it not impressive? Indeed, we have been teaching Russian for a long time because this work is both appealing and rewarding for us! Therefore, we are able to truly engage our students into the process of Russian language acquisition! Join us!

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