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Online Russian language school Business Russian IC

Online Russian language school Business Russian IC


There are plenty of opportunities to learn the language – minimalistic mobile apps, interactive websites, offline language schools. But what is crucial about learning a language is the systematic approach. Passing game-like lessons give too little result without a proper tutorship, and the real life language school requires a sedentary lifestyle and a regular attendance. If you choose an online Russian Language School Business Russian IC you’ll get experienced teachers at the comfort of your home, wherever it is right now.


4 reasons to choose convenient and efficient way of learning

Reason #1. Experienced teachers

Our online Russian language school has been founded by people who combine the experience in teaching with the long-term practice of business in customer service, marketing, sales and finance. Our teachers know exactly how the business processes flow in the companies in Russian-speaking countries. They are well aware of the difficulties a non-Russian-speaking businessman may experience working with them so they know how to help their students avoid awkward situations.
All the content of our lessons differs from what any other school can offer. Even the grammar examples we use are filled with topical vocabulary. Thus you get the chance to learn the grammar constructions and revise the new words at the same time. All the examples we use are taken from the real life situations and are ready-to-use sentences for your real Russian-speaking life.

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Reason #2. Comfortable location

How many Russian language schools are there near your house? Even if we assume there is one or two quite close to your doorstep, you still need to spend time to change and to walk there. In a world where everything is lightning-like you should cherish even these five-minute time spans. By the way, it usually takes less than 5 minutes to learn 5 new words. So if you prefer online Russian language school over some Russian school in your city, you’ll be able to get enough extra time to learn about a 1000 new words a year.


In addition a comfortable location means much more than you could think. A cosy chair, a well aired room, photos of your loved ones on your table for stronger motivation – all of these are stimulating your brain to do a better cognitive work.
In case you often have to travel on business or otherwise, a Russian language school from your city won’t follow you. As far as the online lessons are concerned, your teacher will be able to work with you whether you are in Boston, Havana or Madrid – as long as you have the Internet connection your lesson will be on schedule.


Reason #3. Individual approach

reach-your-goalDepending on your current knowledge of Russian, your goal and the time you are ready to devote to mastering the language, your teacher will offer a tailored course. The chosen method will take into consideration your personal pace, your inclinations and memorizing patterns in order to achieve the best results. Every course can be additionally adapted to help you reach your goal and meet your specific needs.


Reason #4. Competitive price

All our teachers have broad experience not only teaching Russian but also in business. This combination makes the teaching process effective and inspiring. We also know how literally pricy is the time of a businessman, so we make our Business Russian on-line courses intensive and concentrated, so that you can get the important content in the shortest period of time. Which is why we are sure that you will not be able to find a cheaper option for the courses of the level we offer.

Choose the online Russian language school that will give you the profound knowledge of Russian, making you a confident speaker.


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