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Russian For Business A2, Workbook

Pre-Intermediate level (A2)

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Length: 65 pages
Format: epub

Russian as a foreign language course (Pre-Intermediate) is designed for Business Russian learners worldwide.

“Russian for Business” is aimed at entrepreneurs and managers working or planning to do business with Russia, and interested in improving their communication skills in the Russian language.

The course consists of 12 units, and includes a course-book, a workbook with exercises (with keys) and Audio with listening tasks. Each unit has the following sections: vocabulary, grammar, business skills, dialogues and a case study based on a real-life business situation.

The course may be used to teach Business Russian in language schools, universities or serve as self-study reference books.

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See the example of lesson “Sale”, Продажи

Lyudmila Kotane

About author

Lyudmila is a marketing and management specialist and author of various business Russian language courses and books for foreign students.

The textbooks designed by Lyudmila provide learners with the ability to communicate fluently in Russian and utilize this skill in their career.

The books “Russian for Business” (A2, B1, B2) are deployed in Spain, Canada, the USA, Austria, Russia, Sweden, Finland, Lithuania, Belgium, France and other countries.

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